M & D Davidson
“Chris, my wife and I really like the insert. It is a nice product. More importantly, Fernando and Jose did an excellent installation job. They both worked hard and didn’t even take any breaks until the job was done. Both were very nice guys and I would have them in my home anytime. They cleaned up and when they were gone you wouldn’t know they were here, except for the great fireplace. Fernando had told me earlier they had turned off my furnace and after they left I turned it back on. About 20 minutes later I was getting a call (I think it was Christine) to tell me Fernando had forgotten to turn it back on. I really appreciate that he thought enough to make sure I was back to normal.

We are very glad we did business with you and your company.”

C. Sweeney
“Your company installed a gas boiler system at my home. As I told Mr. Tremblay when he came to my house previous to the install, I was nervous about gas–but the thought of going through another winter being at the mercy of human error (and possibly another freeze-up) was too much for me.

When the supervisor of your crew (I think his name was Chris) came to my door I told him about my fear. He reassured me and things only went up from there.

The Hispanic tech that worked on my system–worked tireleslly. He did not stop for breaks, lunch–just kept working–and it was a hot day. His assistant was constantly in motion. The super visited a few times and worked himself each time he visited. Twelve hours later they were drenched–but done. My basement was left cleaner than when they started.

I have employees myself–so I can appreciate “going the extra mile”–and these guys certainly did. They were extraordinary and you should be proud they work for you. I am happy they did the job for me. Thank you again.”

J & L Jesman
“Just a note to thank you all. We never in our life view a team so professional and knowledgeable in their field. Your technique resulted in a wonderful experience. From the moment they started the project to sweeping the floor! It was our pleasure.”

P & A Forman, Beacon
“Please accept this as a thank you to you and your staff for a job well done with regard to the recent installation of my new high efficiency gas furnace. We appreciate the hard work that Chris Seekley, Fernando Quintanilla, Jose Santos and Brian Pampalone put in already to insure that our home was safely converted from oil to gas.

They were all polite and helpful to both of us during the course of a very long day. Thanks again for a job well done!”

C. Albanese, Mahopac
“On 11/12/13 Mr. Chris Seekley came to my house to replace a compressor on my A/C unit and service my oil burner. From the moment he arrived, he wasted no time getting to his work assignment that had to be done. He worked diligently with such professionalism with no hesitations–never taking a short break! His pace was quick and precise. I was present and he respectfully answered my questions and never stopped his working pace. I was impressed! Before I knew it, he completed his work and was gone like the wind.

He should be commended for being a conscientious employee.”

J & J Platt, Hopewell Jct
“Just a note to express the quality of workmanship that was completed on 11/18/13.

From the moment they arrived, Fernando, Jose and Brian introduced themselves to me, were delighted that a clear path to the boiler was made and went right to work. They never seemed to be bothered with my interruptions and thook their time to answer every question completely.

The work they performed was at the highest level that any homeowner could possibly receive. They make a good team. Thank you!”

R. Waters, Hyde Park
“We would like to acknowledge the most pleasant experience we recently had when converting from oil to natural gas as the source of heat for our home. It was a very big decision to make this investment in our home and the experts at Precision Pipeline Solutions, LLC and Sigma Tremblay Heating, Venting and Cooling LLC in conjunction with Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation made us so glad that we did! Every step of the project was handled professionally and each stage of the work went smoothly. The Project Manager, Brett Galassi with Precision Pipeline Solutions and John Tremblay, the owner of Sigma Tremblay, with his office staff and his entire installation crew including Dean, Fernando, Jose and Brian were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and their service was outstanding.

We would highly recommend this entire team of professionals and we send our gratitude to each and every one of them and thank them for an excellent job well done, exceptional service and a nice warm home!”

R. Waters
“Thank you once again for all of your help in making the transition from oil heat to natural gas a pleasurable experience. Your guidance, honesty and knowledge made all the difference. I am so pleased that Brett Galassi refered your company as the heating mechanics for this particular project. Your entire staff is professional, efficient and knowledgeable from the field team to the front office, both Debbie and myself will be sure to recommend your company.”