Carrier Heating System

Sigma-Tremblay strongly recommends seasonal maintenance for all makes, models, and styles of heating equipment.  Serving Central Hudson Valley since 1969, we’ve seen firsthand the consequences of neglected HVAC systems.  Safety hazards, higher running costs, elevated sound levels, diminished comfort, degraded air quality, and premature system failure are a few of the very real possibilities.  With convenient appointment times, non-intrusive service, and skilled workmanship, Sigma-Tremblay delivers cost-effective results.  We restore your heating equipment to peak condition.

Stay warm with regular heating service!

We know it’s much easier to procrastinate than to properly maintain your heating system, but the rewards are just too good to pass up.  Meticulous cleaning, adjustment, and troubleshooting from Sigma-Tremblay catches and corrects issues before they graduate into malfunctions.  We help you avoid the disruption of sudden repairs on the coldest night of the year.  We keep your heating equipment working at its best, which results in lower cost of operation and ownership.

For heating maintenance you can count on, call Sigma-Tremblay today!

We also fulfill warranty requirements to ensure continued coverage.  And to make sure our services are a pleasure, our fully licensed and trained technicians treat you right throughout every stage of the process.  Call us at 845-632-0445, and find out why Sigma-Tremblay is recommended by your friends and neighbors across Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, Red Oaks Mill, Hyde Park, Myers Corner, Hopewell Junction, Fishkill, Beacon, Newburgh, and Spakenkill, NY.

Expert Furnace Service

Sigma-Tremblay provides efficient heating system and furnace maintenance throughout the Central Hudson Valley, including:

  • Carmel, NY
  • Fishkill, NY
  • Hyde Park, NY
  • Kingston, NY
  • Newburgh, NY
  • New Platz, NY
  • Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Wappingers Falls, NY

View our entire service area, or call 845-632-0445 to schedule annual heating service from Sigma-Tremblay.