Combining heating and cooling capability into one, energy-efficient unit, heat pumps are the ideal solution to indoor temperature control in Central Hudson Valley.  These clean, quiet, and reliable systems take advantage of renewable heat sources, such as the air, ground, and water, to keep monthly costs at a minimum.  Because there is no combustion process to generate heat, there’s no threat of fumes, hot surfaces, or carbon monoxide.  The system won’t overly dry the air during heat mode, and will actively dehumidify in cooling mode.  You’ll also enjoy more even floor-to-ceiling temperatures and superior air quality.  Contact the specialists from Sigma-Tremblay for further information, knowledgeable recommendations, and swift turnaround on your project.

Trusted Heat Pump Repairs, Maintenance, and Installations

Sigma-Tremblay provides skilled installation, seasonal upkeep, and repair, specializing in heat pump technology and adhering to strict service procedures.  Serving Central Hudson Valley since 1969, we draw from extensive experience with local weather, comfort challenges, and styles of equipment.  Putting our in-field knowledge to work for you, our licensed technicians accurately match the demands of your household to the perfect solution. We explain options, such as adaptable speed technology, zoned control, and WiFi accessibility, to maximize convenience, comfort and your satisfaction.  Sigma-Tremblay is your team of heat pump experts across Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, Red Oaks Mill, Hyde Park, Myers Corner, Hopewell Junction, Fishkill, Beacon, Newburgh, and Spakenkill, NY.