If you’ve been struggling with rooms that are too hot or too cold, no matter the thermostat setting, your ductwork might be to blame.  Polluted indoor air quality, uncomfortable temperature fluctuations, high energy bills, and even HVAC malfunctions are often the result of leaky ducts.  Sigma-Tremblay provides affordable, effective, and straightforward solutions to issues with ductwork for homeowners throughout Central Hudson Valley.  We put our experience to work for you, and deliver results you can trust.

Have your ductwork tested by our professional team!

The qualified technicians from Sigma-Tremblay first perform a “duct blaster test,” which is similar to a blower door test.  This process uses a fan and air pressure gauge linked to advanced software.  By precisely measuring the rate of air leakage in your duct system, we provide accurate analysis of your situation and can then assess the energy savings and cost benefits of duct sealing.  Sigma-Tremblay only recommends duct sealing when it’s the right step for you.

For expert duct testing & duct sealing services, call the team from Sigma-Tremblay!

After we’ve pinpointed flaws within the ducts, our licensed specialists determine proper procedure, depending on the size and location of leaks.  Combining traditional and leading-edge duct sealing materials, we ensure satisfying and lasting results.  We make sure of it. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we test performance.  Serving Central Hudson Valley since 1969, Sigma-Tremblay takes advantage of hands-on experience with local weather, and the challenges of maintaining ideal temperatures in the home.  We’ve made it our business to perfect your comfort.  For further information about our duct testing and sealing services, or to schedule a home energy analysis, give us a call at 845-632-0445.