Carrier AC

It’s a mistake to neglect the upkeep of your cooling system.  Not only do you jeopardize the manufacturer’s warranty coverage, but the performance of equipment will gradually deteriorate.  Without regular maintenance, your air conditioner will cost more to run, fail to properly cool your home, and possibly put your health at risk because of degraded air quality.

Enjoy cool comfort all summer with expert A/C service!

More frequent repairs, elevated sound levels, shortened service life, and even property damage are all consequences that are easily avoided with a convenient service appointment from Sigma-Tremblay.  Rest assured, our extensively trained and knowledgeable team of professionals adhere to strict maintenance procedures to ensure optimum value from your investment.

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Serving Central Hudson Valley since 1969, Sigma-Tremblay recognizes and answers the challenges of severe local weather.  Months of sitting idle, followed by the heavy workload of a hot and humid summer, adds up to stress on cooling components.  At Sigma-Tremblay, we’ve tailored our services to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, and cooling capacity from your air conditioner.  And with flexible appointments, organized work areas, and affordable service, we make it convenient to take the very best care of your vital cooling system.  Contact Sigma-Tremblay at 845-632-0445 for further information and expert service throughout Poughkeepsie, Wappingers Falls, Red Oaks Mill, Hyde Park, Myers Corner, Hopewell Junction, Fishkill, Beacon, Newburgh, and Spakenkill, NY.

Local A/C Service

Sigma-Tremblay provides professional air conditioning service throughout Central Hudson Valley, including:

  • Carmel, NY
  • Fishkill, NY
  • Hyde Park, NY
  • Kingston, NY
  • Newburgh, NY
  • New Platz, NY
  • Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Wappingers Falls, NY

View our service area, or call 845-632-0445 to schedule regular maintenance on your home cooling system.